Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff's The Sea Turtle Kiss - by Angelique

Good morning everyone,

For today I've made a waterglobe
I've used the rubber stamp The Sea Turtle Kiss by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff and figured
it would be perfect for a glittery waterglobe

I've stamped the image and because I wanted one of the little turtles floatin,  
 I placed the image with the stamped lines against the window (to lazy to search for my embossing light tool thingie) and with a black fineliner I've traced the lines of the little right bottom turtle

After colouring the image, I turned it over the colour that turtle again
Next step, I cut the parts out, placing them in a laminating sheet and run through the hot lamintor.
Left it to cool down and do some choirs

Came back upstairs with an empty verry good cleaned glass jar and started cuttin the parts out again.
This time they were sealed within the plastic.
Placed everything that I wanted in the jar on the inside of the lid.
Attached it all using a hot glue gun

This is what it looks like before it goes in the jar.
Yes you could just use this as a decoration.

However I wanted to show you  what it looks like in a waterglobe, I've filled my jar with propylene glycol and some cheap glitters. You might ask why propylene glycol and not just water?
Propylene glycol is thicker then water, which will make any kind of glitter you place in the jar sink less fast, so if you want to use cheap small beads, you can shake the jar and because of the thickness of the propylene glycol, the beads will "float down", instead of sinking
You could also use glycerin instead, however here (where I live), propylene glycol is used for the cows so it was easier and cheaper for me to get then ordering glycerine :P

Here's what the image looks like when placin in the jar

It's hard to get a proper picture, but you get the idea.
I totaly enjoyed colouring up this adorable image and makin the "waterglobe", 
You can also decorate the side of the lid, maybe cover it in fabric, but I couldn't realy find anything that matched the shells or image.

I hope you enjoyed my project
See you again next week
Huggsss, Angelique


  1. Oh this is just totally adorable! So creative, Angelique! xxD

  2. Adorable and so very clever! I'm inspired to make a similar project.

  3. Very artistic! Thanks for sharing your tut!