Friday, January 11, 2013

Fern the Forest Fairy

Here's a wonderful Sweet Pea stamp from artist Teresa Sherman called Fern the Forest Fairy (Plate #222).  If you check out her image on the Sweet Pea site, you can see how different my image looks due to the coloring.  Once I colored this image,  I initially left it with a white background, then  contemplated a sky blue or darker (say night time blue) background.  After looking at the image for a while, I actually ended up coloring the background in a Copic Warm Grey as shown in the card.  Turned out great and it really makes a difference in how the final image looks.  I wish I had scanned in the image prior to adding the background color so you could see it.
So, next time you are coloring something up, think about not just your image, but also the background color that will really make your image stand out.  I tend to use cool greys or light blues, but sometimes a warmer colored grey looks so much better.  I added a great sentiment to this card "Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope."

Have a stamp happy day everyone!

Cheers, Holley


  1. Lovely card Holley and a wonderful tip about backgrounds as they can look quite stark if the image isn't grounded somehow. Love the rich colours used certainly adds warmth.
    Best wishes, Sharon

  2. Love your colors Holley and the way you skewed them together. Thanks for the tip about backdrops....I seem to forget about that.

  3. Great sentiment. You are right - it is amazing what a difference a background can make. It can really set the image off.

  4. Gorgeous image and fab colouring - I love all the rich, warm colours you've used. And great tip about the background colours too.. it can certainly make a huge diffeence.


  5. Lovely job coloring - the blue bird really pops against the colors of the fairy!

  6. Love warm colors, and this stamp is very beautiful.
    Hugs Nat

  7. Holley, love the color scheme on this. The sentiment goes well with this and your coloring is awesome. Lovely card

  8. Thanks everyone! Hope you had a wonderful day stamping!