Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kate is on YouTube!

This week I'm showing you another use for your new Digi images from Sweet Pea Stamps - don't you just love these, I got so enthusiastic I bought rather a few.  The Sweet Pea Stamps Digis are wonderful quality and the range is growing every week - so check back to see if your favourite stamps are available yet.  Don't think of them as 'just' digital stamps though, but as the beginning of something really exciting.  Watch as I show you how to transfer your laser printed digi image into a book, the same technique can be used to transfer your image onto canvas, or even fabric (as long as you don't wash it afterwards)!  For my journal I chose to transfer the beautiful Black Hellebore image from Rebecca Sinz - what image will you use for this technique?

Back with more next month,  but in the meantime you can check out the projects from our brand new DIGI Team (Ali, Gry and Nataliya) for more fabulous ideas.


  1. Fan video. and i would love to see how it's looks after you color it. Thank you so much. I wonder if Mod page would work for this too ???
    Hugs Nataliya

  2. what a wonderful video Kate. Your videos are always so educational. Thank you for sharing this wonderful technique with everyone.

  3. What a cool technique you show Kate!! I will have to try this myself. Thanks for showing us all the how's.

  4. Thanks for a fab video, Kate! I've done image transfers before but not tried it with gesso. Does this only work with laser printed images or can you use inkjet printed ones too?


  5. Wonderful work Kate. Thanks for sharing your expertise with such detail

  6. Great technique, great result, great video. Thank you, Kate... really have to try this.
    Hugs, Karina