Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wacky Wednesday candy #1!!!!!

We will be only doing 5 giveaways today, as I have a bad headache today.

The first person to name this stamp and artist correctly, will win a $5 gift voucher:

all winners will be posted tomorrow


  1. I think, It's Rachael Tallamy's Rest Assured...
    Hugs Natalie xx

  2. me too late but natalie said the right answer wd hun xx

  3. hiya sweetie
    love to enter but natalie z has it right, maybe next time
    hugs angelique

  4. Well i give it a shot althougt the answer is been said by natalie.

    its from racheal Tallamys and the name of the amazign stamp is Rest Assured

    thanks for the change, love peet