Saturday, November 29, 2014

Regan Kubecek - 'Runaway Ruby' - Graffitti style- Tera's view

   I have a little project for you today that is defiantly a bit out of my normal box but it was really fun to do.
  It is a true 'mixed media' project as I have used a piece of my encaustic wax, and a zentangle piece, in addition to my main image and then added another graffiti style element with a zentangle twist to it....
  The main image I used is called 'Runaway Ruby' by Regan Kubecek and I colored her with prismacolor pencils.
  I thought that in her travels as she ran away from home Ruby must have done a lot of walking and anytime you walk in the city you are bound to see some graffiti. I layered her to a die cut and then to the graffiti stuff - adding the phrase to the side of her afterwards.(It says RUNAWAY - in case you cant read it - added some tangles to it too and its not as easy to read as when it was plain, but it looks more graffiti - ish that way....)
   All for today - Take Care

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