Saturday, May 14, 2011

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: ching chou kuik

Our artist of the week is ching chou kuik! All her full sheets, regular priced at $19.75 now only $15.80. These will only be on sale until May 15th.

For some inspiration using her artwork, check out the old blog posts:

or visit her website at:


  1. Wow! Whattadeal!! Ching chou kuik is THE best artist that SP has....IMO of course.

  2. This was the artisit that started it all for me! LOVE her work and the fact that there is a special! AWESOME!!! Thanks Lynette!

  3. One of my favorite artists ever! I have so many amazing stamps from this lady. Her art is stunning and the coloring you can do with it can totally change how the whole image looks.