Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Linda presents Grandma and Granddaughter by Molly Harrison

Shared Sunset Wall Art
Linda Tagg Mixed Media/2015

Grandma and Granddaughter Digital Image by Molly Harrison
Prismacolor Pencils
Golden's Acrylic Ground for Pastels
Picture Frame with Glass
Foam paint brush
Sunset Image (I used an old calendar page)

Here are the how to steps...

To create this piece of wall art, print out Molly Harrison's Grandma and Granddaughter digital image.
Carefully remove glass from the picture frame.  Use the foam brush to apply two coats of Golden's Acrylic Ground for Pastels onto the glass.  Apply one coat in a horizontal direction and the second coat in a vertical direction (drying thoroughly between each application).  The Acrylic Ground for Pastels provides the additional 'tooth' needed for coloring on glass.  Tape the digital image face down onto the uncoated side of the glass.  Turn the glass over, you should be able to see the image through the Acrylic Ground.  Using the image as a guide, apply color and shading with your Prismacolor pencils.  After coloring, remove tape and image from the back and replace with a sunset image.  Replace the frame...enjoy your new wall art!

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