Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tera presents 'Creekside fairy' by Molly Harrison

My turn to post a project again and today I used 'Creekside Fairy' from Molly Harrison.
I colored her up with my new polychrome pencils so be gentle, as its my first time with these pencils. I like how the tips stay sharp so much better that prismacolor pencils but compared to prismas the color does lay down a bit stiffer and blends a bit stiffer too but not really too much difference... the leads don't break as much with these either.
I blended the background a bit with OMS and then edged the panels both with gold metallic pen. I layered her to some shimmery gold cardstock and then added some gold stickers
I really love this mermaid and have already started coloring her up again - purple and teal this time so be on the look out :)

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