Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tera Presents Blossom By Teresa Sherman

   Well as often happens with my Sweet Pea images I have a hard time deciding how to color them and end up doing several versions before moving on to another lovely image.
   In this case it was 'Blossom' by Teresa Sherman. I colored both with my prismacolor pencils and backed them both to a heavy gold cardstock. I just love the hair and the flowers on this image!!!
  These 2 will go in my growing pile for someone who has asked me to make her a personalized Tarot/reading card deck - which will be 44 cards. I plan to do up about 50 total so she can choose from them.
  The card is 4 by 6 inches and needed to be mostly flat so minimal embellishments - both layers are edged with gold metallic pen and then I added some gold stickers and a touch of glitter to the butterfly, her eyes and her bracelet.
  I am really having fun making these up - might just have to have my own reading deck - even though I know nothing of card reading and such but they are turning out so pretty!!!
   All for today - Take Care!!!

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