Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sweet Pea Stamps in 'Just Steampunk' magazine - Tera

   Just a short little post to show you some projects of mine that are in the newest issue of 'Just Steampunk' magazine.
  All 3 projects just happen to use the same image - 'Clara' by Charmaine Flannery. I colored her 3 different ways with prismacolor pencils and then over the course of a couple weeks made them all up into projects for the DT blog. While I was at it I sent pics of all 3 to the folks at 'Just Steampunk' - this was back in may sometime I think.....
  So all 3 projects have already been here on the DT blog but I thought I would show you how pretty they looked on the magazine pages :).
  First picture is the front cover just in case you want to try and find a copy for yourself  - lots of good steampunk stuff in there!!!
  Second picture is a necklace that I made with a big pendant and a drop charm - She got the whole page :)
  Third picture at the bottom of the magazine pages is a keepsake box that I made with travel map paper, gears, a light bulb charm, some rustic flowers and some crackle distress paint and old dark brass door knobs for feet.
  And the last photo shows a journal I made and she too got the entire page!!!! I had found some cool paper that had goggles on it like Clara has in her hair and then I added feather, a bird cage charm and some rustic flowers and more distress crackle paint.
   All three projects were great fun and it was my first time being published in 'Just Steampunk' so it was great fun all the way around .
   All for today...Take Care

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