Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Corner bookmark with Fae from Teresa Sherman.....

Goodmorning Sweeties,
Hope your weather is better then what we are having here in the Netherlands as this is my least favourite season :) I am a summerchild in heart and soul and love everything sunny and bright....Only thing nice now are the red/orange leaves as long as they stay on the trees hahahah
So today I want to show you a corner bookmark that I made with the Gorgeouss stamp Fae by Teresa Sherman.

I coloured Fae with a new alcohol marker that I found here in Holland. They are called Stylefile markers and have a small bullitnib and a chisel nib like copics have. No brush nib yet :) but they really have a nice feel in the hand and that is important for me ;) and super PURPLE TONES hahahaha

Hope you like my corner bookmark with Fae. You can find her in the Shop.

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