Friday, January 3, 2014

Little Calendar's a perfect gift that gives year round!

New Year gifts that just perfect for giving out are tiny calendars with magnets on the back. I used wonderful images from Sweet Pea stamps to decorate them.  They measure three and half inches wide.  They come with the adhesive magnet already on the back, so I able to create my little three and half inches of art work and then stick them right onto the calendars as soon as they arrived in my house! The list of all the stamps used here appears at the bottom.

Hope this gives you some fun little gift giving ideas, be it a quick New Year's hand out or for next year's Christmas time.
Cheers, Holley
Stamps used above:  Calendar 1&2 - Plate #17, Calendar 3 - Dark Lilies
Calendar 4 & 6 Gum Drop Gang Be Mine


  1. Holley, these are wonderful calendars and perfect gifts to give to people. Think my favourite has to be the lady/hummingbird or the teddy bear as it's so cute. Best wishes, Kym xxx

  2. How gorgeous and brilliant. I love them. you are super talented and crafty. I love your post
    susan s

  3. These are all fabulous!! Simply wonderful!

  4. Wow wow wow!!! Such a great idea! So lovely! Hugs Milo <3

  5. OMG, I LOVE this calendar... what an awesome project

  6. A gift of a calender is perfect for the new year. You made a lot of them. Where do you get the sheets for the months?

  7. This is down right amazing idea. I have three to 4 calendars around me all the time. I should make them a little more lovely!

  8. What a great idea, Holley! Your calendar looks so great. I also am planning making one for 2015... each month one calendar sheet :-). Thank you for your inspiration.
    Hugs, Karina