Sunday, March 10, 2013

Variations Week : Sharon's View

 This week's chosen stamp is DREAMING OF AQUAMARINE TIDES by Katerina Koukiotis available here.  There is also a plate featuring this image and 3 others available here.

 My inspiration was limited by several things.  Firstly I have slipped some discs in my back and at least one of them is trapping a nerve so I am also suffering from Sciatica - hence any crafting has been very limited and things have had to be done a lot quicker than normal.  I usually like to play with ideas before finalising on the one I like the most!

I started my project by colouring the image and thought I'd go black and white for quickness - thinking that black and white would work with any papers - so would be able to save time by not spending hours sorting out colours etc.

Firstly, I coloured the skin tones with the Cool greys which looked OK and quite like a black and white photograph.  Then a day or two later I thought I would use the Warm greys for the eyes and lips - which I did.  Having coloured the eyes and lips I was unsure the cool greys worked that well so I decided to use one of the palest warm greys and completely cover previous colouring - warming the skin tones to work with the eyes and lips.

Still unsure I deliberately left the shell and girls nails white.  I decided to keep the contract and just add a little stickles glitter glue to the shell edges.

Feeling the image still needed something but not sure what - I decided to add some PVA pearl glue for faux pearls, adding these to the girl's eye lashes and hair strands.

Having finished the image I was left with the dilemma of WHAT NEXT!  Well I thought about making a note book using a tag and various connotations of this idea.  Having not been able to decide all day what to do I decided to leave.

This morning I remembered I had partly re-covered my telephone/address book but had left the project uncompleted as it just didn't work with anything I was working with at the time.  Today, I decided that I was going to make it work after all black and white would work with anything!

OK, not quite convinced plodded on regardless.  After re-attaching the index papers back to the cover it was just a case of decorating!

Hope you like it!  Overall I quite like it although I would have made the frame a bit more prominent.

The variations is the photo's are because some where taken on top of the photo tent and others in the tent!

For more information please check out my blog here.

Best wishes,


  1. Lovely result Sharon. I like the skin tones that hue. Great booklet, not quite sure where your sig ends and your art begins though....LOL

  2. Sharon this is just stunning! I love your black and white colouring - it's incredible! Really soft and detailed and realistic - the image almost looks like a black and white photo! I can't stop going back to look at it again! :)

    The decoration is gorgeous too with the lovely die-cut corner and all the pretty flowers and bling and the way your've carried through the pearl drops effect.

    Just beautiful! :)


  3. Wow, so very pretty Sharon, I love the book cover you created and I love how you colored it in black and white. Looks so amazing.

  4. I think it turned out beautifully, no need for any apology for "lack " of any sort. It looks great, thanks for sharing!

  5. WOW Sharon this is gorgeous, you did a beautiful job on her face. This would make such a lovely gift.

  6. Wow! Your coloring of her face is wonderful. Love everything you have decorate with. Flowers, pearls and faux Pearls.

  7. gorgeous sharon! love the embellishments you added, really a great piece of work

  8. Such a gorgeous book cover, Sharon! Love the black and white coloured image. Really eyecatching! And your project is embellished so beautiful. Love the flowers and butterflies.
    Hugs, Karina

  9. Ooooh Sharon your gray colouring is simply divine!

  10. Oh I love this Sharon, she looks so great in grey-tones! Fantastic coloring and love your embellishments!!
    Hugs Gry