Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter or Summer?

I don't know if you live in a place like I do, but here in South Texas, our weather is confused. It's been in the mid 70s and the tree in my front year finally just shed it's leaves this week thinking it was fall. On the opposite side, the tree across the street just started budding leaves thinking it is spring. So, here's a couple cards I have made in honor of the Texas weather, one for Summer by artist Elisabeth Bell, and the one for winter by artist ching chou kiuk.

So, lets start in Summer, as a real Texan (esp a south Texan) that is what you love. Winter is just something we accept here, and what most of you consider "winter" that's something we here in Texas could not live in. This wonderful stamp is called "Kiki with Dolly." She's a dolly herself, huh?

Now let's move to winter....we don't have much of a winter here. Temperature does drop down, lol. We don't own real coat, boots, ever see snow....And I must just laugh and say I have seen snow and been places on jobs and in college where it did snow and I don't care for it. This is a wonderful image from Sweet Pea artist ching chou kuik called Winter Watcher (plate #25.) This stamp is definitely an all time favorite from this artist.

Here's a close up of the Winter Watcher image

Be sure to check out the NEWEST stamps at the store. Sweet Pea has just released brand new images from ching-chou kiuk, as well as recent stamps from artist Elisabeth Bell and several other artist. There's also great specials right now.

Cheers, Holley


  1. Both of these are so lovely Holley! I love your luscious lace on Winter Watcher. In fact I look forward to your posts just to see what lovely lace you will use next!!

  2. very pretty Holley. Kiki with Dolly is adorable and Winter Watcher is beautiful, love the layout on this.

  3. these are both wonderful Holley. Love the colors on Kiki and especially love the patterned background swirls on Winter Watcher that match her dress!!

  4. I so agree with Alex on the Flourish swirls o in the background that match her dress. I love the colors you have chose for the Winter Watcher and Kiki with Dolly is too cute. I love seeing all your new lace on your creations.

  5. Both are lovely - I love the colours you used on Kiki - if I had a little girl I definitely buy the shorts and top.
    Best wishes, Sharon

  6. Such beautiful cards, both of them. Love the colours you used. So bright and colourful for the summer themed one, and with cold colours for the winter one. The lace you used is gorgeous!
    Hugs, Karina

  7. Absolutely love the second card. The coloring is fab and it really looks like the cat is standing behind her

  8. great cards, can totally relate on weird weather from Texas to ND been through it all now!