Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wacky Saturday Question #6---- Last Question------

-----------------Who will be our next new artist that we signed with that we will be featuring some of their stamps in August (we have not yet had any stamp offered by this person). Hint....look at past blog posts. First person to answer correctly with the correct spelling of the name will win a $5 gift voucher.

All gift vouchers will be sent out either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday (depending on my internet connection, it has been so bad lately plus we are in the process or remodeling the majority of our house, so I am not sure if my computer will be hooked up on Sunday or not)

I want to thank all who partook in this wacky saturday blog candy and hopefully i will remeber on Wednesday to do it again (this week I totally forgot)


  1. Doh, missed out by a few minutes!! of course the new artist is the very talented Elisabeth Bell!! I can't wait to see her designs!! hugs xx