Thursday, May 19, 2011

Painted Canvas Tutorial with Elaine Cox's Plate #84

A while back, I saw a class mentioned in a newsletter for a faux canvas, so not being any where near the location I did a quick search and found this version of the be honest I can't recall where I found it but then if you had to take your head off to sleep at night I would be in a lot of trouble!

Now my technique is a bit hard to capture with a camera but fairly easy to talk you through. For starters, you will need a stamped, colored image, dimensional adhesive such as Diamond Glaze, 3D Crystal Lacquer or Crystal Effects, I think Glossy Accents will work also and a toothbrush.

Working on a protected, clean surface, take your dimensional adhesive and lightly add streaks to the stamped image working from top to bottom. Try not to have an large globs.

Once you have layered streaks all across the image, take your toothbrush and run the bristles in the same direction as the adhesive, working across the image - you will want the texture the bristles are making. The layer of adhesive will be thin and will dry fairly quickly.

Once the first layer is dry, if you wish you can add another layer in the same direction. But if you are happy with the coverage then you will add streaks of dimensional glue from side to side. Once more, spread the glue with the toothbrush also from side to side and allow to dry once more.

After the image is dry, use it to create your own little work of art!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this technique enough to give it a try, it really gives the image the wonderful brushstrokes you would find on a canvas along with lots of shine. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wooow! What a lovely card. So romantic!
    And the collouring is realy beautiful.

    Hugs mariska

  2. What a lovely old-fashion look you achieved Jennifer! Thanks for the tut...I am going to try this one out!

  3. This is stunning and fabulous Jennifer!! And what a greeeaat idea you write about..use a toothbrush..hmm..I'll try that out!:) Thanks a lot!;)
    What a lot of work you've put into this and it's paid off.!:)
    Hugs, Ellen

  4. Opps..I have to tell you..I LOVE the flowers and pearl swirl you've added around the beautiful image!!BEAUTIFUL Jennifer!;)

  5. Neat technique. What a great stamp too. Thanks so much for sharing your idea with us.

  6. So fabulous Jennifer!! Loving the tutorial too.

  7. Oh Jennifer, this looks so Beautiful and you are right what a piece of artowrk this is. I love the swirls, flowers, the layering you did and of course your cool canvas effect. Great tutorial to. Thanks!!

  8. Jennifer, this is GORGEOUS! You did an outstanding job on this. I love the different things you create. So inspiring.

  9. Great technique... i cannot wait to try this!Your image is so pretty and i love the coloring... this is indeed a piece of art! Bravo

  10. This is fab. Looks like one of those plaques you get for honorary work. Gorgeous.

  11. This looks gorgeous, Jennifer. This technique looks really great. You did an awesome job on your project.
    Hugs, Karina