Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Releases- Plates 150-152

Katerina Koukiotis- Plate #150

Joanne Schempp- Plate #151

Karen Middleton- Sheet #152

more details on website


  1. wow!!! Karen Middleton- Sheet #152 are the best!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH! These are all fabulous, but JS's plate is beyond AMAZING! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right up my alley! Oh Lynette, you bring us the BEST images!!!

  3. So beautiful. I am SO excited to see some beautiful Halloween theme images. You know I love Halloween!! YUM!

  4. wow - all three are gorgeous must haves!

  5. Wooow, you're so good to finding beautiful artist/images♥!! I Love them all, but Karen M is my favorite..more and more, and they are perfect for a "little boys/girls card"!!:) And Katerina K is the most BEAUTIFUL Halloween images I've ever seen!!!!
    Joanne S. plate is even more beauiful in the RIL, if that's possible!:)
    ...I've to go to the shop now, and get me some of these new and beautiful images♥:)

    Wish you all a lovely day!
    hugs, Ellen

  6. Oh my, so gorgeous new images. Definitely must haves. And I LOVE Halloween as well. So I am looking very much forward to them.
    Hugs, Karina

  7. These are all gorgeous. I love the Halloween images, Joanne's is beautiful and I LOVE Karen's cute adorable images. What a great release of beautiful images.