Monday, April 11, 2011

New Releases Recap!!!!

ching chou kuik's sheet #36, plate #143 Joanne Schempp's sheet #3, Plate #142 Anna Marine sheet #1, plate #141

PRE-ORDERS ENDING TONIGHT: Karen Middleton's sheet #11, Plate #140
Katerina Koukiotis's sheet #1, Plate #139:
Karen Middleton's sheet #10, Plate #138:
Meredith Dillman's sheet #6, Plate #137: Details for all of the above sheets on website, under 'New"


  1. another wonderfully beautiful set of stamps!

  2. Oh wow... so gorgeous new artists and images!!

  3. wow. i really gotta have them all. but when i look in my wallet emptiness steares back at me...gotta go grab hubbys, sssh, dont tell him,lol. fun with new artists too. thae are all wonderful yet so different. me likey.

  4. Another beautiful stamps, and I love them all!! I have to take some free from job, and lock me into my hobbyroom..and just sit there and play with "my" new stamps and colors, hihi. As Bettina says..I'm I'm going to go bankrupt at all these beautiful stamps, but if you "are hooked, then you're hooked"..LOL!!:)
    I've trouble picking out 3-4 or 5 images, because I like them all!:)

  5. Wow, so many new beautiful stamps coming out! I can't wait!

  6. Oh my I can not wait to get my hands on these!


  7. You go Lynette!! I am so enjoying all the new artist and our older ones too. As ching chou's is what got me hooked and made me fall in love with Sweet Pea stamps. I hope you aren't killing yourself making all these stamps as I worry about you all the time. I agree with Ellen, I need about a month off work and no homework with the kids and just craft. My new ones keep calling my name and saying stamp me stamp me. lol!! I am hoping this weekend will be a stamp weekend for me. Can't wait for all of these!! Gotta have them all!!! I guess you can tell I am sick with Sweet Pea fever, huh?