Thursday, April 29, 2010

SNR Party- $20 SPS Gift Cerificate Drawing

The question from the party, was "My husband and I are celebrating our ___ year anniversary today. The answer is on my blog profile, but I set it up a year ago, so the correct answer is 21. 3 persons are entered in the drawing that answered it correct. I am assigning you each a number below:

Sheng Vang 1
Gini Williams 2
Merry Sixt 3

Drawing will be at 8:00 am


  1. Well congrats Lynette, That is an accomplishment in these days!!!!! Congrats also to the three of you for knowing where to find it!

  2. OOp! A year off. Should have checked the profile. LOL A bg congrats to you and hubby! xxDi