Monday, April 26, 2010

How to make a bow decoration.

How to make a bow:

Here's a little tutorial on how to make your own bows. It's very simple, you just need a good glue or tape if you prefer that.

My best tip ever is to only buy white ribbons and then colour them with your promarkers or copics. That way you will not only save money, but also always have the right shade of ribbon. Just be careful because you usually need to use a lighter shade on the ribbon than what you've used to colour your image. You can also use the backside of the ribbon that tend to be a bit lighter.  If you are talented you can even doodle on it to make it more personal.

Here's how I made the basic bow. You can mix colours, widths and materials as seen on the examples at the end.

Take two pieces of ribbon, the desired size of the bow twice as long and a smaller piece 3 times as the ribbon width.(You will understand it better further down)
Add glue to the edges of the longer piece and fold it so the edges meet in the middle. This is what the front looks like:

 Then take the smaller piece and fold it around the middle. Don't glue on the front, only the edges in the back.
Ta-daa, you're done. You can use the same ribbon or different widths and colours or even types. Why not an organza ribbon with a silk middle? Here is the fantastic glue I use for everything. It dries clear and is perfect to add metal, plastic or just about anything.

Here are a couple of cards where I've used this technique:

 Same ribbon throughout.

Coloured with different shades and glitter.
Double in different turquoise shades and widths with a flower and brad on top.

Hope you've enjoyed my tutorial and will give it a try . If you do, please link back to your work so I can have a look.



  1. Fantastic tutorial must try it.
    Christine x

  2. SO Simple but effective technique I shall have to try this thank you!
    luv Teresa x

  3. Must try this as I do struggle with tying bows, especially with organza!

    Sarah x

  4. Thank you my friend. Your bow is beautiful. Hugs Nataliya.

  5. VERY cute bows! Love the 2 tone effect! TFS xxD

  6. Lovely bows, thanks for the tips!

  7. What a cool technique, thanks !

  8. Your bows are adorable Katarina, thanks for the tutorial

  9. Thanks for the tutorial! :-)Traci

  10. thanks for the tutorial, Katarina.

  11. thanks for sharing it is a great tip